Yellow Roses (Farmers Market Pre-Order)

Roses are edible, so why not eat them? Package contains roughly 5 yellow roses (approximately 0.4 oz). Petals can be used to decorate dessert; make your own rose water and rose simple syrup; preserved by drying, pressing, or candying; and much more. Saltless Sea roses have never been treated with chemicals or sprays.

  • Product Pick-Up

    Product will be picked up at the Duluth Farmers Market on Wednesday (6/24) from 2pm to 5pm. The Duluth Farmers Market is located at the corner of 14th Ave E and 3rd St. Purchases will be at the Saltless Sea Urban Farm booth inside the red barn.

    Contact Farmer Starr if you need to set up an alternate pick-up time: 651-315-0428


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