Johny Jump Ups (Farmers Market Pre-Order)

DUE TO THE LIMITE QUANTITY OF THIS PRODUCT, PREORDERS WILL BE LIMITED TO CUSTOMERS SUBSCRIBED TO THE SALTLESS SEA EMAIL NEWLETTER. When checking out enter the coupon code you receveid in the newsletter 6/22 to qaulify.


Johnny Jump-Ups area an edible flower that are a member of the viola family and the little brother to the pansy. Package contains approximatly 20 flowers. These small edible flowers make a beauiful garnish on any salad, dish, or dessert. Violas are generally described as tasteless, but Farmer Starr believes they have the slightest hint of wintergreen. Try candying the flowers to preserve them as a treat with a longer shelflife! Saltless Sea flowers have never been treated with any chemicals.

  • Product Pick-Up

    Product will be picked up at the Duluth Farmers Market on Wednesday (6/24) from 2pm to 5pm. The Duluth Farmers Market is located at the corner of 14th Ave E and 3rd St. Purchases will be at the Saltless Sea Urban Farm booth inside the red barn.

    Contact Farmer Starr if you need to set up an alternate pick-up time: 651-315-0428


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