Collard Greens Microgreens

Collard Greens Microgreens

Each pack of microgreens contains approximately 2.5 oz of greens. All Saltless Sea microgreens grown without chemicals or fertilizeres. Collard greens microgreens bring a nice cabbagey/mustard taste without being too spicy. All rigid "plastic" containers from Saltless Sea are compostable, and can be returned to Satlless Sea for proper disposal.



Microgreens are little baby edible plants. They can be used as a garnish or be a major ingredient in a salad or sandwich. You can use them the way you would use alfalfa sprouts you might find in the store. Many different plant species can be consumed as mircogreens including kale, clover, radish, and much more.

Microgreens are not only delicious and beautiful but they are also intensely nutritious. Studies have shown that micros can have 40x more vital nutrients than mature plants of the same variety. In Farmer Starr's opinion, there are few other health foods that are this fun and delicious!

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