Why grow edible flowers?

Why not?! If something is beautiful AND you can eat it, why wouldn't you?

There are many different kinds of edible flowers. Some simply add color and intrigue to your plate, while others bring the flavor as well.

Pictured here are elderberry flowers, a common flavoring of cordials and cocktails in the UK. Find out what flowers Saltless Sea is offering now at our online store (link coming soon).



What are microgreens?

Microgreens are little baby edible plants. They can be used as a garnish or be a major ingredient in a salad or sandwich. You can use them the way you would use alfalfa sprouts you might find in the store. Many different plant species can be consumed as mircogreens including kale, clover, radish, and much more. See what varieties Saltless Sea is offering at our online store (coming soon).

Microgreens are not only delicious and beautiful but they are also intensely nutritious. Studies have shown that micros can have 40x more vital nutrients than mature plants of the same variety. In Farmer Starr's opinion, there are few other health foods that are this fun and delicious!



Why duck eggs?

Duck eggs are just like chicken eggs but larger, more flavorful, and more healthful. Why WOULDN'T you want duck eggs? Many bakers prize duck eggs because they have a higher fat content that leads to fluffier cakes and firmer meringues. They can be substituted for chicken eggs one-to-one.

Check Saltless Sea's duck egg availability at our online store (coming soon).

Duck eggs are yet another delicious health food. In addition to being a good source of vegetarian protein, duck eggs are a great source of B12, selenium and choline. Ducks eggs have been found to have twice the iron and more omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs!